About Us

About Old Dominion Improvements

Owned and managed by Will Maldonado, Old Dominion Improvements has been serving Virginia Beach and the Southside Hampton Roads region with top-notch remodeling and home building construction services since 1987.

Born in NYC, NY, Will graduated high school as a cabinet maker and built furniture for three years before going back to school to learn plumbing. Shortly thereafter, he started a construction company in Brooklyn, NY and then two years later Mr. Maldonado decided to move to Virginia Beach and start a construction company. Will's father was a carpenter and an antique-restorer and his grandfather was a carpenter as well. This kind of work clearly runs in his blood!

Now Will is married and manages Old Dominion Improvements… his son is a master electrician, he has one daughter who works for a real estate agent and a daughter who owns a hair salon.

 " I am very proud of what I do because I make people's lives better whenever I improve their homes and it is very satisfying because I love what I am doing." 

                                                                  - Will Maldonado, Owner